Rudder Servos

SR.003d Futaba S3014 Hi Torgue water resistant servo  £24,50
SR.003b Hitec HS5485HB Std DIGITAL servo 5.5kg/cm prog' RCLaser £25,50
SR.007 Futaba S9451 DIGITAL servo metal gears BB £76,50
Excellent performance Water resistant (Bench mark servo)  
SR.005 Futaba S9202 5.0Kg/cm, 0.22sec/60deg, dual ball raced £52,50
excellent positional torque and resolution, coreless motor, case  
has water/dust resistant seals.  
SR.001 Futaba budget servo ref 3003 basic servo 3.2 Kg/cm 0.22sec/60deg £7,95
Incl accessory pack  
SR.001a Hitec HS 322HD standard servo for RCLaser £8,95
SR.001b Hitec HS 311 basic servo RCLaser £7,25
SR.003 Futaba budget ball raced servo ref: S3001, 3.0Kg/cm, 0.22/60deg £14,25
wt 45.1g  
SR.003c Futaba DIGITAL S3050 6.5kg/cm 0.16sec/60 Dual BB Mtl Gears £35,75
SR.004 Futaba S9001 coreless motor, ball raced output, 3.9Kg/cm £30,50
0.22sec/60deg, wt 48g,  greater resolution.  
The above servos are suitable for light/medium wind conditions however,   
if you sail in competition conditions and sail at the 'top end'   
wind range of each rig, the following servos are recommended.  
SR.007 Futaba S9451 DIGITAL servo metal gears BB £76,50
Sr.008 Hitec 7.4volt 'Monster power' DIGITAL rudder servo HS 7945TH £112,50
Latest Hitec powerhouse designed for Li Po's, more power  
23Kg/cm and titanium gears, Alu heat sink, gives auw 68grams  
SR.008b RG 65 Rudder servo HS5087MH 4.3Kg/cm 0.13sec/7.4volt 22g £28,95
SR.009 Hitec HS-7965MG 10kg/cm 0.10sec/60 deg £61,00
SR.010 Hitec HS-7985MG programmable DIGITAL rudder servo £61,00
'New' metal gears and metal arm, 12.4Kg/cm, 0.13sec/60deg  
HIGH power, extremely high resolution, programmable features  
using HFP-10 incl: end point throw, speed, dead band and failsafe  
SR.011 Micro Magic rudder Servo HS-5065MG Digital 2.2kg 12grams £26,95
SR.012 Micro Magic Sail servo HS-5245MG 5.5Kg 32grams £33,50
SR.011 FAILSAFE unit for winches and rudder servos. Simply plugs £14,25
'New' between receiver and servo designed to take over from Rx if  
interference is present. Protects winch and servos from exceeding  
their normal travel and being stalled as a result.  
Note: not required on new Hitec DIGITAL winch and servo as failsafe  
is programmed in by K. Bits..  
All servos are designed to operate on 4.8v to 6.0 volt. Except where noted.