RX.001 27MHz AM Futaba 2ch receiver ref: R162JE  £21,95
RX.001b 40MHz AM Hitec 2ch receiver ref: HT502 weight 28g £17,95
dimensions 53 x 35 x 19mm  
RX.002 40 MHz AM Futaba 2ch receiver ref: R122JE weight 16.8g  £22,50
dimensions 46 x 31.5 x 25mm current drain 32ma  
RX.002a 40MHz FM Futaba 7ch receiver ref: R-137F weight 30g, current £43,50
drain 11ma, dimensions 50 x 32 x 20.5mm  
RX.003 40MHz FM Futaba 3ch 153F micro receiver, weight 19g, current drain £49,50
11ma, short aerial, dimensions 42.7 x 28.7 x 16mm  
RX.004a 40MHz R203HF HRS receiver, 3ch DIGITAL servos/winches only £10,00
RX.004b Futaba Syth'sd 40MHz 3ch receiver R303FHS PPM + HRS £49,50
No xtals required.  
RX.005 40MHz FM Futaba 4ch R114F super micro receiver  £33,50
Weight only 10.9g designed for short range applications.  
OK for yachts. Aerial length and position in boat slightly  
more critical. However an excellent low cost receiver.  
RX.006 40MHz FM Hitec 3ch micro receiver ref: HFS03MM £29,95
RX.006a 40MHz FM Hitec 3ch failsafe receiver ref HIS03MK £33,95
RX.011a Voltage spike regulator' 'New' for 2.4Ghz Rx's   £6,95
RX.012 Spektrum AR 6000 6ch dual 1ch failsafe receiver for DX6 S/Order
RX.013a Spektrum AR 6200 receiver as DX6i DSM2 £52,25
RX.013b Spektrum AR600 DSM2 receiver £41,50
RX.013c Spektrum MR3000 water resistant marine receiver £57,25
RX.014 Futaba R603FS 'fasst' receiver £112,25
RX.015 Futaba R603FF 'fasst' receiver £102,00
RX.016 Futaba R617FS 'fasst' receiver £59,95
RX.017 Futabs R2006GS FHSS for the new 6J system £37,50