Hulls Etc

SI.003 Universal bumper, stick and carve to shape £2,25
GL.001 Epoxy finishing/laminating resin, 2 pack £14,50
GL.002 0.6oz glass cloth £10,99
SI.004 TS2 bumper £10,25
SI.005 TS2 mast deck fitting to suit mast plug £12,25
SI.006 12.7mm mast plug for above £2,85
SI.007 11.1mm mast plug for above £2,85
Carbon Fins etc  
CF.001 One metre straight taper carbon fin, 'Nomex' core. (very stiff) £59,95
90 - 70mm by 470mm long  
CR.002 One metre carbon rudder, 4mm shaft, curved L.E. & T.E. £24,95
CR.003 IOM 6% rudder for ISIS as used by Trevor Binks World Champion £65,25
AC.026 Carbon pushrod for servo to tiller 6 x 300mm £3,85
Ballasts Slim skiff style design  
BA.001 IOM lead ballast by K. Bits with slot from precision Alu mold £35,00
BA.002 IOM Lead ballast by Sailsetc with slot and brass rod centre £45,00
BF.001 Deluxe r/c Tub, light with easy 1/4turn action on lid £1,20
31 Rigging screws, 3mm single end, for IOM shrouds £2,85
31b 3mm Nyloc nut for rigging screws etc (10) £2,15
37a Eye bolt - 3mm 3mm x 20mm £1,35
37b Eye bolt - 3mm Flat sided 3mm x 20mm £1,35
34 Eye bolt - 3.5mm 3.5 x 25mm £1,35
38a Eyebolt - 3.5mm x 6mm £1,25
70-016 Crimps, brass medium 1.6 int dia £4,00
70-012 Crimps, brass small 1.2 int dia £3,50
AC.015 Heat shrink 1.5mm x 300mm Ideal for small joints and crimps £0,85
BF.006 Elastic, single core 0.97- 1mm (winch return) £0,90
BF.006a Elastic, single core 2mm (winch return) £1,00
52a Ferrule, PTFE  plastic for mast post and main sheet £1,20
53 PTFE ring, fairlead for adjustable sheeting position £1,20
BF.008a Alu mainsheet post (not adjustable) £1,50
BF.009 Sail flow grip, 10mm- 3/8" £1,20
86 Silicon drain bung for hull £0,45
BF.011 Heavy Duty double tiller arm in glass filled nylon for 4mm stock £3,45
BF.012a Grommets, 1/4" pkt 10 £1,50
BF.012b Grommets, 5/16" pkt 10 £1,65
BF.012c Grommets, 3/8" pkt 10 £1,85
65 Through deck, ball raced pulley block PKB N/A
65b Silicon cover for thro' deck pulley £5,25
63td Single pulley block deck mounted £11,00
63h Hales single deck pulley deck mounted £21,00
64 Double pulley block  deck mounted £9,25
61b Single pulley block with shackle £7,75
61td TD single pulley block with shackle £12,00
61h Hales single pulley block £17,00
87b SS hooks £3,70
87z Sheet hook laser cut £1,10
87g Hook laser cut £1,00
60c Sheet guide 15mm offset £8,90
57a Bowies Sailsetc design 2sizes/pack 10 £2,40
57b Bowies Sailsetc design Lge 15 x 4mm 10 pkt £2,00
57c Bowies Sailsetc design med 12 x 3mm 10 pkt  £2,70
BF.018 Crane IOM 30/50mm long £3,10
22h Crane adjustable £3,10
23-110 Head fitting 11.1mm £1,30
23-127 Head fitting 12.7mm £1,30
85 Topping lift ring £1,45
87j Clip hook 24 x 7mm £1,95
87k Clip hook 20 x 6mm £2,25
15 Gooseneck/kicker  round mast 11.1/12.7mm £16,50
11c Gooseneck/kicker Ball raced 11.1/12.7mm £43,50
21,075 Spreader kit, Low drag aero foiled section 'New' £5,90
BF.024 'O' rings 6mm £1,55
BF.025 'O' rings 10mm £1,40
BF.026 Threaded rod for normal duty ball links 2 x 180mm £0,31
BF.027 Jib weight  15-35 grams £5,00
101c 10mm l/t boom end fitting for jib weight  £1,90
BF.029 Aerial tube, pot to deck 500mm £1,00
BF.030 Fin attachment 4mm SS screw and brass insert for £6,50
144t Mast Ram 144t £8,80
67c Servo quick release system £8,25
88-005 5mm plastic ball pkt 10 £1,50
88-008 8mm plastic ball pkt 10 £1,50
Alloy Masts  
AL.001 Round Anodized (3/8" boom) x 1m 9.5mm £8,50
AL.002 Round Anodized 11mm  x 2m £16,25
AL.003 Round Anodized 12.8mm x 2m £17,75
AL.004 Groovy mast anodized 11.1mm x 2m £19,50
AL.005 Groovy mast anodized 12.7mm x 2m £23,50
Boom Kits  
160-kit Sailsetc main boom kit 355mm long £11,75
161-kit Super light jib boom kit 410mm long £15,00
162-kit Sailestc jib boom kit 410mm long £15,00
120-100 Ball Raced down haul for jib 120-100 £12,00
24-110 Cunningham ring auto 11mm mast £3,00
101f Sailsetc Ftg 101f to 'plug' end of main boom saves boat damage £1,00
46-100 Boom Band with pin £1,80
46b SS ring for use with Jib downhaul £1,60
101d Fwd Headsail Ftg Sailsetc section £1,50
101c 10mm l/t boom end fitting for jib weight  £2,00
101g Headsail aft boom Ftg 10mm  £1,00
104f Clew slide lt wt boom £2,20
104e Sheet guide adj boom £1,75
104-100 Sheet guide/fairlead 10mm lt wt boom £2,60
104a Clew slide 'Sailsetc section' £2,00
104b Track Slide 'Sailsetc section' £1,40
104d Sheet attachment Sailsetc main boom £2,50
104-se Micro clew adjuster £10,50
120d Jib swivel BB Sailsetc boom £13,25
52GL Acetal Mainsheet post with Epoxy Glass trunking £14,00
52mt Acetal Mainsheet post with metal trunking £10,00
RI.001 0.45mm 7 strand 23kg BS S/Steel £5,15
RI.002 0.60mm 7 strand 45kg BS S/Steel £6,45
D25 25kg Dacron cord £2,55
D40 40kg Dacron cord £2,95
D60 60kg Dacron cord £3,35
D09 9Kg treated Dyneema for Sail luff ties £2,00
D30 60lb Dyneema, braided (sheets etc)  £2,80
D50 100lb Dyneema (standing/winch lines etc) £2,90
D75 150lb Dyneema £3,25
RI.005 Stainless steel hook wire £0,80
RI.006 Stainless steel 4mm rudder shaft £0,80
RI.007 Brass rudder tube 4mm £0,60
Wflat Flat rigging 'wire' £7,50