CH.001 Futaba dual 70/70ma outlet charger for 4.8v boat pack and Tx LED £5,00
indicators for each, supplied with long leads and plugs.  
CH.002 Futaba dual outlet, 180-250ma charger for 2,  6.0v boat packs £15,25
indicators for each, supplied with long leads and plugs.  
D4-600 Pro Peak 4 outlet 600ma with Delta peak cutoff £21,00
Input 110-230v Tx 4-8 cell Rx 4-7 cell  
CH.002b Multi 2 charger 200ma Tx and Rx 6.0volt suits Spektrum JR & Futaba £11,50
CH.002c NX83 LogicRC Dual charger 150ma Tx(4-8cells) Rx 750ma(4-6cell)D/peak £9,95
CH.003c Dual outlet charger 150ma outputs Tx and 6.0 volt boat pack £10,50
CH.003 Multi 6 charger, six outlet, 50, 60, 80, 140, 180 & 500ma £21,00
Solve your charging problems associated with Hi-cap packs and  
old, low output chargers. Suits NiCad or NiMH Batteries  
Now includes two charge leads to suit your plug system  
CH.003a Charge lead complete, Tx, Futaba or Molex plug £3,65
CH.003b 2 pin adaptor fr Euro style charger £1,60
The above chargers are constant current types without auto cut off and  
require switching off at the appropriate time.  
CH.004 12volt input Lakeside charger/Discharger for fast charging of Tx and boat £66,25
battery packs. Fully automatic using 'Delta Peak' sensing of charge  
voltage. comprehensive instructions.  
Note: Either Li-Po, Li-on, NiCd or NiMH type cells  
CH.005 Delta 4-2000  The next generation. Superb 4 ch charger. LCD £132,50
CH.005a display for each output giving individual charge time and voltage. £165,00
Fully automatic charging of mixed capacity 4-10 cell packs.   
CH.005a has 12 volt option  
CH.006 Delta Base automatic single outlet fast charger for 4-8 cells £19,50
'New' comes with 4 types of battery connection and 230v input  
CH.006a Great for Spektrum DX6,DX6i and DX5e but needs adaptor lead £4,25
LP.004 Dedicated Lithuim Polymer 1-2cell (Li-Poly) charger £10,50
'New' Output 500 or 1000mA.  Microprocessor controlled giving, Auto cutoff,  
LED and bleeper. Input 12volt either battery or power supply.  
LP.004a Dedicated Lithuim Polymer 2-4cell (Li-Poly) charger £17,95
'New' Output 1000-1500-2000mA.  Microprocessor controlled giving, Auto cutoff,  
red & green LEDs gives clear indication of charge status.   
Input 12volt either battery or power supply.  
LP.004b Dedicated Balancer Li-Po charger for 800mah 7.4volt packs £14,25
12 volt input. Use power supply or 12v car battery  
LP.004c LipoSack, charging and storage bag for LiPo batteries £6,25
Safety FIRST, use to charge and store your LiPo batteries  
LP.005 Ultrapower 12v 10A mains power supply for home use of most 12v chargers. £30,50
'New' Fuse protected output, safety thermostat and built in cooling fan  
size 95 x 110 x 65mm 3 pin UK type plug.