CH.006 Digiliser 2000. The ultimate battery cycler and analyser. Perfect  £112,50
purchase for Club or group to condition and check your batteries  
every 3 months or so. Takes packs from 1-16cells 100Mah to 2Ah!!  
Actually conditions batteries using pulsed charge system.  
BT.001 'On load' battery tester for 6 volt packs. Simply connect pack, £12,25
 press button and confirm battery state by LED display  
Remember, off load checks are meaningless as a guide to    
battery state. Use it to test boat switch harness, checking for  
black wire' and switch problems on load.  
CH.005 & 6 P & P included  
BT.002 Futaba 'On load' battery tester/discharger for 6 AND 7.2v packs £39,95
BT.003 Flash voltage display RMG £25,00
AC.12volt Cigar to 4mm adaptor £3,00
CD.001 Race Countdown unit  integral NiCd PA + count 1min or 2min + repeat £91,50
CD.002 Horn speaker 30watt 8ohm for countdown unit £21,00
CD.003 Microphone for PA option £4,00