AR.001 Tx aerial for Futaba 2ER  two channel 27 and 40MHz £5,10
AR.002 Tx aerial for Futaba Skysport 4,  40MHz transmitter £5,65
AR.003 Tx aerial for 3VC black anodized £11,25
AR.004 Tx aerial for Futaba 'J' transmitter series £6,50
AR.005 Tx aerial for Futaba 5FG/6FG/7FG £4,95
AR.007 Tx aerial for Futaba 3UCP £7,25
AR.010 Tx Aerial Hitec Ranger 3 £4,10
AR.011 Tx Aerial Hitec Ranger 2 £4,10
AR.012 Optic 6 aerial (long) £7,35
AR.013 Spektrum DX6/DX6i aerial £7,95
AR.013a Spektrum DX5e aerial £7,95
AR.014 2.4GHz Receiver aerial 400mm £7,65
Eye Safety (mandatory at MYA events)  
AR.008 Eye/Aerial protection ball, very light, no rattle and very visible £1,00
AR.009 Eye/Aerial protection ball Club pack of 20 £18,00
As shown in Marine Modeling, used worldwide  
XT.001 Futaba 27MHz AM, all frequencies.  (price per xtal) £3,75
XT.002 Futaba 40MHz AM, all frequencies.  (price per xtal) £4,25
XT.003 Futaba 40MHz FM, all frequencies.   (price per xtal) £6,95
XT.004 Hitec 27MHz AM (price per xtal) £3,75
XT.005 Hitec 40MHz FM (price per xtal) £6,50
XT.005a Hitec 40MHz AM (price per xtal) £6,50
XT.006 Futaba Xtal Case, protection for 12 xtals £4,25
XT.007 Frequency pennant, ribbon, clip and white numbers. £1,25
Leads etc  
AC.001 'Bit-Mitt' Transmitter Cover, warm and highly water resistant. £36,00
AC.001a Neck strap strop and ferrule for M&M Transmitt cover £2,45
AC.001b YOT-SOK, Very high quality hull bag, lined, Silica gel pocket N/A
Ac.001c Raydiowarm Transmitter cover The Rolls royce mitt £39,95
AC.001e Showermitt by Turnigy £22,50
AC.001d 19mm plastic eyelet kit for Mitts using Spektrum RC £0,99
Aquavis Eye shield for spectacle wearers £9,95
AC.002 Futaba neck strap, red with logo £6,95
AC.002a Spektrum logo neckstrap £6,99
AC.003 Neck strap Deluxe in red £4,99
AC.004 Neck strap Deluxe in blue £4,99
AC.005a Servo ext leads, Futaba 100mm £2,65
AC.005 Servo ext leads, Futaba 200mm £3,00
AC.005b Servo ext H/Duty Lead 300mm £3,70
AC.006 Servo ext leads, Futaba 400mm £4,25
ac.006a 'Y' lead for using H/Performance servos with BEC 2ch Rx's £6,40
ac.006b 'Y' lead for Hitec/Laser £3,85
AC.007 Battery skt and power lead Futaba universal 3 pin type Black £2,80
AC.007a Battery skt and power lead Futaba H/duty3 pin type Black £3,00
AC.008 Battery plug and power lead Futaba universal 3 pin type Black £2,80
AC.008a Battery plug and power lead Futaba H/Duty £3,00
AC.008b Power ext lead Futaba 500mm £4,15
AC.009 Battery skt BEC 2 pin red £1,40
AC.009a Batt Skt BEC H/Duty lead £3,25
AC.010 Battery plug BEC 2 pin red £1,40
ac.010a Batt plug BEC H/Duty lead £2,95
AC.011 Futaba switch harness BEC type £4,00
AC.012 Futaba switch harness 3pin type with or without charge lead £5,25
AC.012a Futaba Heavy duty switch and cabling suit RMG and DIGITAL winches £5,85
AC.013 K. Bits.. W/P switch and H/Duty harness made up 3 pin type £17,50
AC.013a K. Bits.. W/P switch and H/Duty harness incl H/Duty plugs £21,00
ac.013b Deans plug wired £3,25
AC.013c Deans socket wired £3,25
ac.013d Charge adaptor Futaba to deans H/Duty £4,85
AC.014 Waterproof switch and cover £5,25
AC.015 Heat shrink 1.5mm x 300mm Ideal for small joints and crimps £0,75
AC.016 Heat shrink 2.5mm x 300mm Ideal for plugs and skts £1,30
AC.017 Heat shrink 4mm x 300mm £1,35
AC.018 Heat shrink 6mm x 300mm £1,75
AC.019 Molex plug or skt £1,25
AC.020 Molex plug or skt ready wired  £2,25
AC.021 DC power plug suits Futaba Tx for charging £1,00
AC.022 DC power plug suits Hitec Tx for charging £1,00
AC.023 Servo accessory pack (screws grommets etc) £1,50
AC.024 Servo Arm 'Long' Futaba, increases throw £0,45
AC.025 Futaba Servo Arm METAL c/w Ball link for ultimate control £5,95
AC.025a Futaba H/Duty plastic servo arm £0,75
AC.026 Carbon push rod 6mm x 300mm £3,85
AC.027 Ball links heavy duty M3 for minimum free play (pack of 2) £3,00
AC.027a Ball links normal duty M2 for minimum free play (pack of 2) £1,60
AC.028 Plated links heavy duty M3 (pack of 2) £1,85
AC.029 Deck mount and tube for receiver aerial £1,30
AC.030 Sail box mast clips plastic coated for 11mm to 14mm tube (pack of 3) £1,35
AC.031 Trimline,8 widths on a roll x 2.5m choice of ten colours £2,95
AC.032 Silicon Grease (100g)for pot lids and pushrod exit tubes £6,75
AC.033 Aerial wire 1 metre length £0,99